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Wing Mirror Covers

Choose your car
Choose your car
Wing Mirror Cover Replacement

What You Need To Know About Wing Mirror Covers.

Ultimate Styling have a wide variety of wing mirror covers, this is one of the most common parts of a vehicle to become damaged.

What is a wing mirror cover?
This refers to the top half, plastic section, to the rear of the complete mirror unit. These will usually be colour coded to your vehicle. We have available black or primed mirror covers. The black wing mirror covers may come in a smooth finished black or textured. The textured finish would be similar to that of an orange peel effect.

Primed covers means the surface is ready to be painted. We would recommend taking this to a trained professional, we do not offer the painting service ourselves. After painting we will not accept the product back. So please try and fit the wing mirror cover on the vehicle before proceeding with colour coding. Ultimate styling also stock chrome coloured finish for a very specific product range.

Another thing to consider is whether the mirror unit has an indicator. This will potentially change the shape of the cover. Wing mirrors with indicators will have covers with a section cut out for the indicator itself, the cover will fit around this.

Which side has a missing or damaged wing mirror cover?
There may be different terms used on the website, below are the different terms/names for the different sides of the vehicle.
Drivers: the right hand side when sat in the car facing forwards. Also known as the off side or O/S.
Passenger: the left hand side when sat in the car facing forward. Also known as the near side or N/S.

From premium marques to popular small cars such as Fiat 500 wing mirror covers and Mini Wing mirror covers, our extensive range is available for next day delivery and are easily replaced for necessity or as an upgrade to your vehicle.

Wing Mirror Cover Terms Buying Guide

Here is an explanation of the terms used to help you choose the right Wing Mirror Covers for your vehicle.

Mirror Cover This refers to the top half, plastic section, to the rear of the complete mirror unit. We sell these in primed and black (primed means that it can be painted, but unfortunately, we do not offer this service).
Black -Textured Mirror cover with a textured finish like orange peel effect
Primed Primed means it has primer already on it and it is ready to be painted
Black  Smooth Finish Smooth black cover shiny
Chrome Finish A Chrome colour finish
Polished Black Smooth black cover shiny
Single Glass Mirror Mirror that only has one piece of mirror glass in
Slot For Indicator Cut out for where the indicator is fitted in
Twin glass Mirror that only has two pieces of mirror glass in
O/S Off Side Drivers Side Right Hand Side
N/S Near Side Passenger Side Left Hand Side
Drivers Side The Right Hand Side when sat in the car facing forwards
Passenger Side The left hand side when sat in the car facing forward