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Wing Mirrors / Door Mirrors

Choose your car
Choose your car
Wing Mirrors and Door Mirrors

One of the most common car parts to become damaged and requirement replacement is the wing mirror, also known as a door mirror or side mirror.

An important part of spatial awareness when driving, wing mirrors should be in good working order and be clean and maintained at all times – they can be a huge help when reversing into spaces or where rear visibility is required.

Full wing mirrors are available from us encompassing the mirror glass, mirror cover and mirror indicators, or you can choose independent wing mirror parts if required.

What You Need To Know When Buying A Wing Mirror.

Types of wing mirrors
There are a few different options when choosing the correct wing mirror for your vehicle. Some are manual or cable controlled and some are electric. Some wing mirrors have additional functions like a built in indicator, puddle light, temperature sensor and on some vehicles a built in aerial, Also some mirrors are power folding which is when the mirror will close in electrically by a button inside the vehicle or when the vehicle is locked.

There are some wing mirrors that also include a blind spot indicator when a vehicle or object is in your blind spot a light in your mirror glass will illuminate. This is now becoming a more popular feature on cars.

Another feature that has been introduced is cameras inside the mirror this works when reversing your vehicle and shows you the rear image inside the vehicle normally on a screen.

When you think you have located the correct wing mirror for your vehicle please take time and read the description to make sure the functions of your mirror match the feature list for our product.

Electric and heated wing mirrors
If your mirrors are electric, they will also most likely be heated. This is a standard feature for most vehicles. These are operated by a switch, which is usually located on the driver’s door or near the steering wheel.

Heated Wing Mirror

Manual cable-controlled wing mirrors
These wing mirrors are non-electric, not heated and are operated by a lever inside the vehicle near the window.

Manual Adjusted Wing Mirror

Manual wing mirrors
Manual mirrors do not have electrics or even a cable to adjust the mirror, it is a case of adjusting the mirror by hand, these mirrors are not common and are usually only fitted to a few selected Van models and older vehicles.

Power Folding wing Mirrors
Power folding mirrors were once reserved for higher specification vehicles but can now be found on most cars these days. An easy way to tell if your car has power folding mirrors is if they automatically fold when you lock the car. Although this isn’t the case for all power folding mirrors as some may need a button to be pressed from inside the car.

Power Folding Wing Mirrors

Mirror Indicators
Mirror indictors are another common new addition to wing mirrors. In the ever-growing improvements in safety, it is massively important to be seen from all angles. Mirror indicators is a good way of showing other motorists your intentions in cases where they cannot see your front or rear indicators.

Wing Mirror indicators

Puddle Lamp
With the intentions of preventing you from getting out your vehicle and stepping straight into a puddle, puddle lamps are often only found of cars from the past few years but are becoming more common each year.

Wing Mirror Puddle Light

Temperature Sensor
Some new mirrors come with an outside temperature sensor built in. This is often found on the underside of the mirror unit. The temperature is displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle or on the vehicles multimedia display (if it has one.)

Wing Mirror Terms Buying Guide

Here is an explanation of the terms used to help you choose the right Wing Mirror for your vehicle.

Puddle Lamp These are also referred to as a kerb lamp. It is positioned on the underside of the mirror unit and shines on the ground below.
Mirror with Memory This feature allows several drivers of the same car to have their own adjustment setting stored in the memory of the vehicle’s door mirror for quick set up.
Complete mirror units This is the complete assembly of parts for direct replacement.
Lever This is adjusted with a toggle inside your vehicle
Manual This is adjusted from the outside of your vehicle
Cable This is adjusted with a toggle inside your vehicle
Electric This is asjusted with a switch inside your vehicle normally you can adjust drivers side and passenger side from the drivers side of the vehicle
Power Folding Power folding mirrors fold in when you lock your vehicle or press a button from inside the car
Memory Memory mirrors some cars have different settings inside your vehicle and can be set for multiple people
Heated This normally has 2 wires attached to the mirror glass that heats up the glass these are normally heated when turning on your rear view heated button in your car for the rear glass on your vehicle
Non Heated This has no wire attachments on
Primed Primed means it has primer already on it and it is ready to be painted
Black - Suitable For Paint Black - Suitable For Paint The cover is already primed but in a black primer.
Chrome Finish A Chrome colour finish
Short Arm The length of the arm that joins the mirror head to the vehicle
Medium Arm The length of the arm that joins the mirror head to the vehicle
Long Arm The length of the arm that joins the mirror head to the vehicle
Blind Spot Indicator The glass has a inbuilt light inside the glass which illuminates when something is in your blind spot which you cannot see
Polished Black Smooth black cover shiny
360 degree camera this is a camera that is fitted inside the mirror which can be viewed when manouvering on a lcd screen in your vehicle
Indicator Fitted to the mirror which illuminates when using your indicator stalk inside your vehicle
Temperature Sensor Some mirrors have temperature sensors fitted to them this gives you the outside temperature and is normally shown inside your vehicle on the dashboard
O/S Off Side Drivers Side Right Hand Side
N/S Near Side Passenger Side Left Hand Side
Drivers Side the Right Hand Side when sat in the car facing forwards
Passenger Side the left hand side when sat in the car facing forward

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix a wing mirror?
Although we recommend all parts are fitted by an auto electrician, in some cases depending on experience, you may be able to repair a mirror lens or even a complete unit yourself.

How much does a wing mirror cost to fix?
We do not offer a fitting service and costs would vary depending on the make and model of the car and the complexity of the repair required.

How to change a wing mirror?
There is a lot of helpful information online, but our products do not come with fitting instructions and we do not offer a fitting service.

What wing mirror do I need?
We can help you find the correct mirror from the registration and details of your vehicle

Wing Mirror Legalities

In accordance to the construction and use regulations of 1986, all vehicles first used after 1st August 1978 must have at least two mirrors that offer an adequate view to the rear of the vehicle. This means that if the interior mirror is damaged, obscured or missing, both of the exterior wing mirrors need to be intact. Also, when considering vehicles first used after the 1st August 1978, it is commonly required that one of the fully operational mirrors be the offside mirror. Having a damaged offside mirror will also result in an MOT Failure.

In light of the above information, it is not illegal to drive without a nearside mirror, provided the other two mirrors are intact. It is important to be aware although not illegal it is likely the Police may stop you to inspect the damage or lack of mirror, which could lead to a notice being issues requiring you to repair the damage within fourteen days.