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Find the right Wheel Bearing & Hub Bearing Kits for your car

Wheel Bearing & Hub Bearing Kits

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Wheel Bearing & Hub Bearing Kits

Wheel Bearing and Hub Bearing kits assist in the smooth turning of the wheels and travel of the vehicle and need replacing due to general wear and tear. Wheel bearing noise is one indicator that your wheel bearings need replacing. Other wheel bearing symptoms include a lack of stability or if the vehicle steering appears ‘lighter’ than typical.

Replacing car wheel bearings, or those on other vehicles, can be a relatively inexpensive yet essential part of ongoing maintenance. Our team of customer service advisers can offer advice to ensure you choose the right wheel bearing from our selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of front wheel bearing issues?
Front wheel bearing issues can manifest themselves in a number of ways but the most common are a rumbling noise and a lack of stability in steering.

How do I check wheel bearings?
We recommend that you take it to a professional garage, either a local provider or the local dealer of your car brand.

How much does a wheel bearing cost?
We have an excellent range of competitively priced front wheel bearings and rear wheel bearings. As costs differ between makes and models we are unable to ascertain a specific price without knowing your vehicle registration number.

How do I test for bad wheel bearings?
There is only one way to determine if your wheel bearing needs replacing and that is to take your vehicle to a local independent garage or main dealer.

How to repair a wheel bearing?
We recommend that all wheel bearings are professionally fitted by a fully qualified mechanic

What is a wheel bearing hub?
A wheel bearing hub plays a vital part in the forward movement of the wheels of a car and also the safety of the vehicle.

How to check wheel bearings on a trailer?
Wheel bearing on a trailer should be checked regularly for signs of wear and tear to prevent costly repairs and inconvenience and we recommend that you do this by taking to your local garage.

How to pack wheel bearings?
Packing wheel bearings refers to ensuring they are well greased to allow the moving parts to run smoothly. This also alleviates any unnecessary wear and tear. To ensure this is done correctly a step by step process, which can be specific to vehicle makes and models. This should be followed with care and, if you should be in any doubt at all, a professional should be consulted.

What grease do I use for wheel bearings?
Any specialised wheel bearing grease will be suitable for most wheel bearings although we do recommend that this is done by a professional mechanic to ensure the longevity and correct performance of the wheel bearings.