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Find the right Rear Fog Lights, Reverse Lights or Reflectors for your car

Rear Fog Lights, Reverse Lights & Reflectors

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Choose your car
Rear Fog Lights, Reverse Lights and Reflectors

Rear light clusters incorporate fog lights, reverse lamps and rear lights and each component is essential especially in dreary weather or hours of dusk and darkness.

Rear fog lights, tail lights and brake lights are sometimes sold as a composite unit, or as individual components depending upon the design of your vehicle. If you’re unsure, give our helpful customer service team a call and they will the correct automotive lighting replacement which includes LED rear lights too.

Frequently Asked Questions

When to use rear fog lights?
You should only use your fog lamps when the visibility drops below 100m (the length of a football pitch). Another test is whether you can see the tail lights of the car in front, if not then it's a good sign you need to turn on your rear fog lights. Be sure to turn them off when visibility improves to avoid dazzling other drivers.

Why are vehicles fitted with rear fog lights?
Vehicles are fitted with rear fog lights to make the rear of the vehicle more visible in thick fog to car's behind you.

What is the rear fog light symbol?
The rear fog light symbol usually resembles the below:

Rear Fog light Symbol

How do I fix my reversing lights?
One of the most common reasons for a reverse light breaking is that the bulb has blown. However, another problem could be a blown fuse, this should be checked if both reversing lights stop working simultaneously. The current, wires and switch will also need to be checked and should be done so by a qualified auto-electrician.

Do I have to have my reversing light working?
It is not a legal requirement to have your reverse light working and it is not part of an MOT.