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Or Select Your Vehicle To Find the right Performance Front Fog Lights & Daytime Running Lights for your car

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The two numbers in the middle of the registration state the year:
The first number will be a 1/5/6.
If it is a 1, it is registered between March and September: If it is a 5/6, the vehicle is registered after September and before March.
The second number states the year:
For example KC63 KFF was registered between Sept 2013 and March 2014.
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Prefix Registration System
Vehicles registered pre 2001 are subject to a prefix and suffix system. The most common is prefix. The first letter represents the year the car was registered.
For example, M673 SWP was registered in 1994.
To find which year your car was registered, enter your registration into the DVLA vehicle check
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If you don’t know which fuel type your vehicle is, refer to your logbook or simply check the filler cap.
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To find out your BHP, please check your vehicle handbook.

Performance Front Fog Light & Daytime Running Light (DRL) Upgrades

Choose your car
Choose your car
Performance Front Fog Light & Daytime Running Light (DRL) Upgrades

What you need to know about custom performance fog lights and daytime running lights.

The performance lighting is a lighting upgrade and enhancement of the existing type of fog light or daytime running light (DRL). We have available products for right hand drive only but there are some neutral drive lights that be for either the passenger or driver.

Fog lights or fog lamps are to help all drivers when there is reduced visibility. These can either be in the front of the vehicle or the rear. It is not a legal requirement for fog lights to be used when driving in fog, however it is highly recommended so other drivers can see your vehicle. However, it is illegal to use fog lights in normal driving conditions. This can result in a fixed penalty notice, which is a £30 fine but no penalty points.

A link for The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989:

What is the difference between fog lights and day time running light (DRL)?

Fog lights are bright lights used on a vehicle in foggy or bad weather conditions with reduced visibility. It warns other drivers of one’s presence. Daytime running lights (also known as a DRLs) emit a white light on the front of the vehicle to improve the visibility of the vehicle during the day. These are a new feature in newer vehicles and will remain on when the vehicle is being driven.

So, the difference is that fog lights must only be used during bad weather conditions where visibility is poor and daytime lamps allow the vehicles visibility for others during daylight.

What are the terms relating to sides of the vehicle?

The drivers’ side of the vehicle is the right hand side of the vehicle and may be referred to as the off side or O/S. The passenger is the left hand side and may be referred to as the near side or N/S.

What are the different features of the fog lights and DRL’s?
Please note some of our products do not contain the bulb holder within them. See the product specification to check whether the part does. The bulb holder is what holds the bulbs within the light.

Performance / Custom Front Fog Light & DRLs Buying Guide

Here is an explanation of the terms used to help you choosethe correct Performance Foglights & DRL's for your vehicle.

Performance Front Foglights & Daytime Running Lamps Upgrade your lights to customise your vehicle and make it stand out.
Drivers Side Right Hand Side Unit in the UK
Passenger Side Left Hand Side Unit in the UK
O/S Off Side  Drivers Side Right Hand Side
N/S Near Side  Passenger Side Left Hand Side
Fog Light A bright light on a motor vehicle, used in foggy conditions to improve road visibility or warn other drivers of one's presence.
Daytime Running Light A daytime running lamp (DRL, also daytime running light) is an automotive lighting and bicycle lighting device on the front of a road going motor vehicle or bicycle, automatically switched on when the vehicle is moving forward, emitting white, yellow, or amber light to increase the conspicuity of the vehicle during daylight conditions.
Bulb Holder This holds the bulbs and is then fixed in to your fog light


From February 2011 it is a legal requirement for new vehicles to have day time running lights fitted. If your vehicle is from before this date, you are not required to have the daytime running lights.