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Or Select Your Vehicle To Find the right Oil Sump / Sump Pan for your car

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Current Registration System
The two numbers in the middle of the registration state the year:
The first number will be a 1/5/6.
If it is a 1, it is registered between March and September: If it is a 5/6, the vehicle is registered after September and before March.
The second number states the year:
For example KC63 KFF was registered between Sept 2013 and March 2014.
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Prefix Registration System
Vehicles registered pre 2001 are subject to a prefix and suffix system. The most common is prefix. The first letter represents the year the car was registered.
For example, M673 SWP was registered in 1994.
To find which year your car was registered, enter your registration into the DVLA vehicle check
X Fuel Help
If you don’t know which fuel type your vehicle is, refer to your logbook or simply check the filler cap.
X car body types
Find your body type on your logbook or on the DVLA vehicle check website.
X Engine Size Help
Your engine size can often be refered to as litres (l) or cubic centimeters (cc). Refer to your vehicle logbook to check or enter your registration into the DVLA Vehicle Check website.
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To Find your vehicle's drivetrain, please refer to your vehicle handbook.
X BHP power
The power output of your vehicle is measured in BHP.

To find out your BHP, please check your vehicle handbook.

Oil Sumps for your car or van

Choose your car
Choose your car
Car Oil Sumps

Commonly known as ‘Oil Pans’ or ‘Engine Sumps’, oil sumps are a metal (most of the time) bowl-like part which holds the vehicles oil contents. It acts as a reservoir; the oil pump or ‘engine sump pump’ will pump the oil out the sump and into the engine to lubricate the moving parts. When the engine is off, the oil will recollect into the sump again. The importance of the oil sump is much greater than most people think. If your vehicle has an oil sump leak this will lead to less oil getting around the engine, which can have disastrous consequences for your vehicles engine. A leaking oil sump can be one of the most common causes for high oil consumption and/or low oil level.

Our car sumps are made from high quality Cast Iron, Steel and Aluminium.

Some sumps feature a gasket. All our sumps do not feature oil sump gaskets nor do we supply oil.

Our sump’s all feature an oil sump plug. The sump plug is the plug in which allows the oil to be drained from the sump when vehicles have an oil change.

To choose a car sump from us simply look through our range or give our team a call. They can assist in choosing the correct one from our extensive range so you are back up and running in no time.

Oil Sump Pan

Oil Sump Buying Guide

Here is an explanation of the terms used to help you choose the right Oil Sump for your vehicle

Oil Sump Part of the car that holds the engine oil. Also know as a Oil Pan.
Without Sensor Hole Oil Sump does not include a hole for an oil pressure sensor unit.
With Sensor Hole Oil Sump includes a hole for an oil pressure sensor unit (note that the sensor is NOT included).
With Sump Plug Includes a Drainage Plug
Without Gasket Excludes a Gasket
8mm Mounting Holes Mountings holes are 8mm in diameter.
Steel Manufactured from Steel
Aluminium Manufactured from Aluminium