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Find the right Fuel Filter for your car

Fuel Filters

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A fuel filter is there to ensure any debris in fuel does not clog engine parts which can result in costly engine damage.

In line with manufacturer recommendations a fuel filter change should not be overlooked. Whether you require a petrol or diesel filter to perform your fuel filter change, our range of fuel filters at Ultimate Styling allows you to ensure your vehicle is maintained to a high standard to maximise its performance.

frequently Asked Questions

How to change a fuel filter?
Replacing a fuel filter is a relatively inexpensive exercise but one that should be performed regularly to prevent costly damage to your engine. Consulting the manufacturers handbook should tell you where key components are located but, should you be in any doubt about the procedure, we recommend that you seek professional advice.

How much is it to replace a fuel filter?
We do not offer a fitting service and we recommend that all fitting is carried out by a mechanic. Costs will vary between garages and dealerships.

Signs that fuel filter needs to be replaced?
The most common sign that your fuel filter needs to be replaced is a decrease in engine performance. This can exhibit itself in sluggish performance or a ‘spluttering’ feel to the drive of the vehicle. Vehicle professionals will be able to ascertain the cause of the problem and advise on whether your fuel filter requires replacing.

Where are fuel filters located?
Fuel filters are generally found in the fuel tank or along the fuel line and are there to ensure any debris in the fuel does not enter the engine and cause damage.

Why replace your fuel filter?
Fuel filters play a key part in keeping your engine running smoothly and ensuring the fuel in your engine does not contain any debris. Regular replacement of your fuel filter will maintain the performance of your vehicle and other working parts.

When to change your fuel filter?
We recommend that you refer to your vehicle handbook as each make and model differs. It will require changing at a certain age or a certain mileage, whichever comes first.

How do you clean a fuel filter?
It is possible to clean a fuel filter by spraying with appropriate mechanical cleaner and knocking to dislodge any dirt and dust particles from the filter.

What does a fuel filter do for your car?
A fuel filter removes dirt and dust particles from the fuel in your tank as it passes through the pipes to your engine. It is necessary to have an efficient fuel filter to deliver efficient engine performance.

How to bleed fuel filter?
This is a tricky mechanical procedure and one that should be done by a professional to ensure the safety and performance of your vehicle is not compromised.

How to clean a clogged fuel filter?
A clogged fuel filter will compromise engine performance. To restore, the filter should be removed, sprayed with appropriate mechanical cleaner to loosen the dirt, shaken to remove any dust or dirt particles and replaced. It should be noted that this is a short term fix only and should ideally be replaced.

How much does it cost to change fuel filter?
As all fuel filters and the way in which they are changed differ considerably we are unable to advise on this. We recommend that you contact your nearest dealership of mechanic to ascertain a specific cost.

How to clean out a fuel filter?
Simply remove the fuel filter, spray with appropriate mechanical cleaner to loosen any dust or dirt and then shake the filter to dislodge and remove any debris. The fuel filter can then be replaced.

How to fix a clogged fuel filter?
Cleaning the fuel filter with a specialised cleaner can help however, if the filter has been in the vehicle for longer than the manufacturers recommendation it could be that the filter requires changing to restore engine performance.

Can I remove my fuel filter without a tool?
This rather depends on the situation of your fuel filter. We recommend that this is done by a trained professional if you are in any doubt to ensure no damage is incurred.

How do I change a petrol filter?
Fuel filters can be changed by those who enjoy vehicle maintenance as a hobby, however if in any doubt at all we recommend that this is done by professional mechanics.

Where is the fuel filter?
A fuel filter may be located inside the fuel tank or it may be located along the fuel line. Please refer to your manufacturers handbook or consult a trained professional.