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Find the right Rear Wiper Blades Only for your car

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Current Registration System
The two numbers in the middle of the registration state the year:
The first number will be a 1/5/6.
If it is a 1, it is registered between March and September: If it is a 5/6, the vehicle is registered after September and before March.
The second number states the year:
For example KC63 KFF was registered between Sept 2013 and March 2014.
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Prefix Registration System
Vehicles registered pre 2001 are subject to a prefix and suffix system. The most common is prefix. The first letter represents the year the car was registered.
For example, M673 SWP was registered in 1994.
To find which year your car was registered, enter your registration into the DVLA vehicle check
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Your engine size can often be refered to as litres (l) or cubic centimeters (cc). Refer to your vehicle logbook to check or enter your registration into the DVLA Vehicle Check website.
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If you don’t know which fuel type your vehicle is, refer to your logbook or simply check the filler cap.
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Find your body type on your logbook or on the DVLA vehicle check website.

Rear Wiper Blades

Choose your car
Choose your car
Replacement Rear Wiper Blades

What You Need To Know About Rear Wiper Blades

Rear windscreen wipers are essential to ensure maximum visibility can be achieved at all times, especially in bad weather conditions. Ultimate Styling recommend the rear wiper blades to be replaced once a year or as soon as they show signs of wear and tear, to reduce the risks of limited visibility when driving. We would recommend checking the wiper blades every 6 months. Potential signs of wear and tear include less sufficient smearing, noise and clattering when switched on.

Our website provides a large variety of rear wiper blades, if you use our ‘find your vehicle’ section of the website this will refine the products suitable for your vehicle. If you remain unsure after refining you may want to consider measuring your existing rear windshield wipers and check them against the measurements given on the website. Or speak to a member of our team who will be able to assist with this.

Rear Wiper Blades Buying Guide

Here is an explanation of the terms used to help you choose your [make] [model] Rear Wiper Blades
Rear Wiper Blade Only Suitable for vehicles where the wiper arm is not damaged & only the blade needs replacing.
Plastic Blade The blade includes a Plastic Housing
Flat Blade The blade is manufactured from Spring Steel & Rubber.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do rear wipers cost?
We have an excellent range of competitively priced rear wiper blades, please enter your vehicle details at the top of the page to see our range to fit your vehicle.

What are the different types of rear wiper blade?
The rear wiper blade sold on its own is for vehicles where the rear wiper arm itself is not damaged. The blade may only need replacing so can be bought separately and fixed onto the existing arm on the vehicle. Replacement wiper blades can be a blade in a plastic housing (plastic blade) or a flat blade which is manufactured from spring steel and rubber.

How do I fit rear wiper blades?
The products will include instructions on how to fit the rear wiper blades, not one standard instruction can be given as each set and vehicle differ depending on the type bought.

How do I purchase rear wiper blades?
Ultimate Styling have a great range of different wiper blades available for competitive prices. If you search through the ‘find your vehicle’ section this should narrow the products to ones suitable for your vehicle. This order can then be placed through the website, follow the site instruction for this. Or if you are struggling call the team for assistance.


Under Regulation 34 of The Road Vehicles (Construction & Use) Regulations 1986 it is a legal requirement to have at least one efficiently working front screen wiper. This is due to the seriousness of limited visibility of insufficient working wiper blades in poor weather conditions. It is also a requirement for the same vehicle to have a windscreen washer.

If your vehicle has the washer tube fitted within the wiper blade this is especially important to maintain the efficiency of the blades.